Why are we so affordable?

Back in 2015, we saw an opportunity to make 3D printing accessible by everyone, but the prices of the printers and filaments were extremely high! We wanted to disrupt this trend and bring 3D printing to every household, school, and business in the country. Wennovate 3D Printing was founded from this idea, and we celebrate it’s growth over the past three years – serving clients, entrepreneurs, makers, and micro-businesses through our powerful platform.

No Rent to Pay

Wennovate 3D Printing and 3D Printing Filaments is purely an online operation which allows us to cut unnecessary expenses such as labor and rent and this benefit is passed on to YOU, the consumer. We utilize the latest delivery apps and online channels to ensure your costs are minimized and we're able to reach and serve anyone in the country, anytime.

3D Printing Philippines Wennovate Filaments About Page Figure 3D Printed
3D Printing Philippines Wennovate Filaments About Page Planter 3D Printed

Trusted Partners

Having a deep understanding of the technology behind 3D printing, we have partnered with the most cost-effective and proffesional manufacturer to allow us to provide you the best filaments in the market. Efficiency is key in our supply chain and the price is lowered even more because of this.

We Love Success Stories

Starting as a small business, Wennovate 3D Printing knows the struggles an entrepreneur faces to cut down costs. We are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, and our goal is for you to have the best material usage cost, whether it be for your business or hobby. We know we have succeeded when you experience the quality of our filaments and come back for more.



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Lance Yeung

Lance graduated cum laude in Management Engineering in Ateneo de Manila University. Ever since his teenage years, he has been very passionate about turning ideas into business ventures and he is also very open to explore different business projects and ideas. He started Wennovate 3D Printing on his sophomore year in university.

Lance has given several talks in schools and organizations such as Saint Jude Catholic School 0nd Domuschola International School on topics ranging from 3D printing to entrepreneurship and business strategy. Grab a coffee with him at lance@wennovate.com.ph

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